a house on ibiza


It is dark and rainy here in The Netherland. Time to make a trip to Spain! This beautiful finca (= a rural property in Spain) is located on the island of Ibiza in Spain.


The images are shot by Jordi Canosa, a Spanish photographer who works for various interior magazines.


The decoration is simple and rustic. Not much is needed in a gorgeous home like this. I love the beamed ceilings and the white walls.


The outdoor area (below) has a gorgeous view on Es Vedra, an uninhabited island approximately 2 km off the western coast of Ibiza.


(images by Jordi Canosa / styled by Daniela Cavestany)

10 Responses to a house on ibiza

  1. Someone told me about your blog a few days ago and I can’t stop watching it. I’m in love with almost everything you post.. This house is a paradise.. I adore whites, wood, and simple spaces with full of natural light 😉

  2. I love, love, LOVE this home!!!

    It’s so simple and yet perfect. They’ve created a very relaxed atmosphere.


  3. Beautiful home. Such stuff as dreams are made on…

  4. Oops, typo in my website! Let’s try this again…

  5. ah i wanna move in: now!
    i need sun !

  6. This is very nice indeed, love the rustic design.

  7. Good House!!
    I love Ibiza.

  8. Beautiful home. Love it…

  9. This is very nice,Love it…

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