a gorgeous swedish apartment for sale


This beautiful apartment in the heart of Vasastaden in Sweden is looking for a new owner! The 65m2 apartment (two rooms) is beautifully renovated and decorated. I’m sure that a lot of you are ready to move in!


There are many original details such as this gorgeous old fireplace.


Aren’t those white wooden floors gorgeous…


The apartment has high ceilings which make the rooms light and airy.


Beautiful bedroom.. the chandelier really works well here.


For more information about this apartment you can visit the real estate agent’s website.


(via Living in Andyland)

12 Responses to a gorgeous swedish apartment for sale

  1. That fireplace is ah-mah-zing!

  2. I love the brink backsplash! And the door moldings…Awesome!

  3. I forgot to gush over the floors!!! So awesome!

  4. I love everything about this.

    But that fireplace…OMG

  5. It’s very pretty but more because it has a great atmosphere because of a good lighting plan, not because it’s exceptionally decorated. Granted, the fireplace is truly gorgeous, but it’s more the lighting that does the trick here.

  6. Agh! it’s so pretty it hurts!

  7. So nice, and clean, and neat and WHITE!! i just dont buy it because i would stain it! (yeah , right!) gorgeous!

  8. wow, stunning. wouldn’t mind moving into here.

  9. Gorgeous!
    You got the Wikipedia link wrong though. (This aptm is in Gothenburg while the Wikipedia article refers to Vasastaden in Stockholm) This is the correct link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasastaden,_Göteborg

  10. I love this space. I could Gustavian it up with my reproduction Gustavian furniture and antiques! Does anybody read Swedish. What is the price?

  11. i want. i want.

  12. I wish I had enough money to afford it. It’s so pretty. Feeling so at home already, just by looking at the pictures.

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