blue walls & doors


Today’s post is all about blue! Above a door painted in deep blue. I like the welcoming Christmas wreath hanging on the front door which adds a festive touch for all to see.


I love my white walls and I would’t dream of painting them blue but there sure is something about the blue walls in these images.


I am curious to know how you feel about this colour. Do you tend to stick to white as well or are you more adventurous that me?


(top image from Living Etc, all other images by Annie Schlechter)

5 Responses to blue walls & doors

  1. That blue door reminds me of Chefchaouen, the blue city of Morocco. Did you know there are laws for what color one can paint her house depending on what city she lives in? I love the pale blue walls, but that is the darkest I would go in my own house!

  2. I love looking at coloured walls but tend to keep to white for my own walls. White walls form a good base for decorating in any way we choose. Looking at the gorgeous blue wall makes me think of painting mine blue as well!

  3. In my bedroom, I have my walls in two shades of blue. I absolutely love it and gives the room a warm and cozy vibe.

  4. it looks so rich when used in the right tone. i never considered myself drawn to blue, but all of these interiors are quite enticing.

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