the livelavone love dress


I’m loving this cute dress from Blushless. The designer: ‘The Wild At Heart mini dress, made of extra soft, sexy-touch vegan leather in bright white. This is the key piece of the collection, one of my personal favourites but also one of the most popular . The dress embodies the inspiration that provided the creative energy for when I first began Blushless. For the Girl that’s wild at heart and weird on top. Perfect for weddings or other special occasions.’

(via Shiny Squirrel)

5 Responses to the livelavone love dress

  1. Oh yes! It is a very beautiful dress!

  2. Absolutely adorable dress. I love the use of hearts all over it. It reminds me of something a little girl might imagine.

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  4. Ammmaaaazing dress!! I would love one of these…

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