wishbone chair in petrol blue

wishbone chair in petrol

The Hans Wegner classic beechwood Wishbone Chair is also available in petroleum.

(via Remodalista)

8 Responses to wishbone chair in petrol blue

  1. Beautiful! I love the colour of it.

  2. The color is really nice – makes me smile.

    But to be honest I don’t think it fits such a classic chair. It is better in natural wood colors.

  3. It is a beautiful chair but I would love to see him black coloured!


  4. how a little colour can change a lot !
    amazing. beachwood, beach/sea colour … mmh!
    can picture it in a beach side house!

  5. oh, no, beechwood – got it, just sounded like beach, but it is not wood from the beach, of course

  6. I think HELL YES! I love it!

  7. love it! Nice to see bright color and always interesting to see a twist on a classic. Very modern.

  8. Such a nice bright blue. Beautiful.

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