italian summerhouse

It is dark and rainy here today so I thought to bring you some sunshine in the shape of this beautiful Italian summerhouse.

The house is located on Salina, one of the Aeolian Islands (Italy). Some nice facts: Salina is composed of six volcanoes and almost every house on the island has sea view! The decor is simple but very tasteful and really fits well with the house.


(images are from the gorgeous portfolio of A. Bachello)

7 Responses to italian summerhouse

  1. Such a beautiful place, would love to spend a few weeks there.

  2. oh, that view! amazing!

  3. how utterly divine, I think I would be very happy here

  4. Love the white and the curves !
    What a place.

  5. Going immediately into the honeymoon inspiration file, especially since we’ve officially selected Italy as one of our choice spots!

  6. Delicious–makes me wish it was summer again!

  7. wow, truly breathtaking… I dream of a place like this on a Greek island one day!!!

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