silverware inspiration

Happy weekend everyone! I end this week with some inspirational images. I love how silverware objects are used to style these gorgeous shots!

Similar vintage items can be found on flea markets. At the moment I have two silver teapots in my Ebay shop (see here and here and see all items here).

The silver matches very well with the colourful flowers. I also like the idea of using a silver teapot as a vase (top image).


(second, third and fourth images are from Debi Treolar’s portfolio, I can’t remember the source of the first photo)

3 Responses to silverware inspiration

  1. Hmm great minds think a like. I was just putting together a post on silver vases/ cups used as vases. I love the contrast.

  2. I love the styling of the second and fourth photographs – beautiful…!

  3. beautiful photographs! the third photograph with the colorful flowers has actually been in my inspiration folder for a while now.

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