trend ‘artistic’

One of the interior trends for this summer is called ‘artistic‘. It is original and artistic. Bright yellow is one of the trend colours. Strong patterns in black and white provide a solid basis in combination with rough wood. In this playful residential atmosphere there is not such as thing as bad taste. The only thing that counts is individuality and personal taste. Furniture and accessories have been carefully collected and have an emotional value. Both collectors items as recycled stuff go side by side. The colourful rug in the image above is from Téjo Remy. The wallpaper is Wallpower next 393039 from Eijffinger. The pillow is from is from Zomers bloemen.

The black and white fabric on the wall is patern Taikamylly from Marimekko. The pillow and tea towel are from the new H&M home collection. The table is from the Fenc collection. The vase, made from paper, is from Couzijn van Leeuwen. The beautiful embroidered poof in the image below is from Zomers bloemen.

(images from Perscentrum Wonen)

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  • I’ve been loving yellow with black and white lately – I didn’t realize that was the trend(!) These rooms are definitely original and very interesting. I’m especially drawn to that first one.

  • I’ve got a print of the Picasso Harlequin painting that’s on the side of the pouf in the last photo! It was in a Picasso calendar years and years ago. I love this look, it’s very undemanding because it’s so personal – although you still need to know which items to put together.
    Weather in Norway is coming along nicely as well. Have a lovely weekend in your garden Danielle!