living in a chapel

Today’s post shows a 19th century chapel situated in the quaint Flemish village of Bazel (Belgium) that has been reconverted into 2 loft-type houses. Look at those high windows, aren’t they gorgeous?

(images by Verne / from OWI)

5 Responses to living in a chapel

  1. sigh another beautiful home! If i look at this i would love my house to be in such serene colors…. can’t really make up my mind: the soft palet of green and blue or the more romantic and crazy pink?

  2. i have no words. it is beautiful.

  3. Extraordinary! Those windows are amazing in a home, and I have always coveted that “memo clip” chandelier.

  4. I’ve fantasized about buying an old church or schoolhouse for years and living in it. This is a stunning example!

  5. Wow, those windows! There are no words! 🙂

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