vintage camera christmas ornament

This vintage camera ornament is hand-painted on mouth-blown glass. The ornament, which is made in Germany, is available here in three vintage cameras versions (Kodak Brownie, Rolleiflex and Leica). Aren’t these fun?!

(via poppy talk)

9 Responses to vintage camera christmas ornament

  1. i love these. i collect old camera’s. i’m going to look for them! thanks for the tip.

  2. I want one of these ornaments…where can I get it? Thanks

  3. love it i had to put it on my blog. i desperately desire the real thing though.

  4. Love the camera ornament, where can I find it?

  5. We serve you Christmas Ornament, Snowflake, Decoration Handing, Drops, Light Pendant and any with material acrylic or plastics.

  6. The Sundance catalog carried them last year. You can find them on eBay too.

  7. Cost Plus has them….

  8. Thanks much for the great document. I am glad I’ve taken the time to learn this.

  9. We had one of these ornaments and it broke. Where can I buy a replacement?

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