pol’s potten

Pol’s Potten is a Dutch home accessories label based in Amsterdam. Their inventive and eccentric collection contains products which are made from durable and sustainable materials. Above and below you can see some of the images from their catalogue which was shot in Africa.

Part of the Pol’s Potten collection is available at Le Souk. For example lamp Flowers (image at the right of first row), hand-carved stool Devils Eye (image at the right of second row), coat rack Deer Park (image at the left of last row) and the teapot and cups in the photo below.

(images by Hotze Eisma)

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  1. I love the work of Polls Potten. But I really like the pictures of Hotze. Those colors are great!

  2. I simply love their art direction!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Oh my god that´s horrible…

  4. Heike Maria Scholz

    ist es möglich einen Katalog für mein Geschäft Summer House Berlin von Euch zu bekommen. Welche Konditionen gibt es für Wiederverkäufer?
    Gruß Heike
    Summer House Berlin

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