another gorgeous house in portugal

Today another gorgeous, Portuguese home! This use to be an old fisherman’s house but it is now the home holiday home of Portuguese decorator Marina Saldanha.

The house, situated on the Atlantic coast, is surrounded by a beautiful cactus garden.

I love the long wooden kitchen cabinet, and the bright accessories that give color to the kitchen.

The bedroom is simply decorated but looks comfortable and cosy with bed linen from Egyptian linnen and beautiful Chinese lanterns.

(images from Marie Claire Maison)

11 Responses to another gorgeous house in portugal

  1. This house exudes life and happiness.

  2. Gorgeous, indeed! And thank you for showing in your blog the beautiful holiday houses we have in Portugal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. How beautiful!!!!!

  4. One of my best vacations was to Portugal,and this house,and posting brought back some great memories of that time.

  5. I love the purple bedspread. Vibrant colors and hues of light throughout make for an inviting abode…love, love.

  6. I love the purple bedspread. Vibrant colors and hues of light throughout make for and inviting abode…love, love.

  7. Tons of colors and light… just the way I like it. This is beautiful – thanks for sharing.

  8. absolutely gorgeous. So colourful and warm.

  9. OOooohhh! to live in a house with a grass roof!!! my childhood dream ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Oh stunning! So cosy! I just love the outdoor cafe chairs. Always wanted some.

  11. Hello!
    All is beautiful !!!!
    Is there any possibility to rent a room during summer time ? Or do you such nice fishing restorated and fashioned houses to be rent close to the Atlantic Ocean ?
    Best regards,

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