new designs by nipa doshi and jonathan levien

Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien continue have designed two new products for Italian label Moroso: My Beautiful Backside and Princess. Like many of their other creations, these designs display a fusion of two worlds, India and Europe. This range draws upon a miniature painting of a Maharani sitting on the floor of her palace, surrounded and supported by multiples of pebble shaped cushions.

My Beautiful Backside is a collection of seats whose backrests are a composition of highly coloured, floating cushions in various shapes. The wider your seat, the more cushions you can have. The use of oversize symbols, such as the buttons on cushion backs, is a way of conveying a variety of messages. These symbols also provide a means of customising each chair, making it unique, just as you would add little distinguishing touches to an article of clothing. The designers: “We used a new wool fabric designed by Giulio Ridolfo for Kvadrat. We teamed it up with felt because it’s a combination that reminds us of old-fashioned clothes with stiff starched collars. We also designed a new daybed, called Princess, with layers of mattresses. The top mattress is covered with a composition of different objects and since they draw inspiration from a modern princess they’re embroidered in gold and silver”. (via yatzer)

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  1. These are so great – lovely find!

  2. I can not believe how beautiful the first seat is.
    Great find!!!!!

  3. How fun are these!!!

  4. Oooohh – amazing!

  5. These are so beautiful!

  6. Hello Danielle,

    These are great! I love being presented with something that surprises me – like these couches. You’re great at finding items with lots of originality!

  7. FANTASTIC!!!! I LOVE these!!!

  8. I absolutely adore the blue one …. absolutely DIVINE!!!

  9. This is so good! It’s really something new, Í never saw something similar before, and I guess it’s kind of hard to come up with something really different and original these days. Great find!

  10. Peggy from Hong Kong

    Moroso always does a great job! I love this sofa!!

  11. Groovy sofas! If only my pocket book were a wee bit bigger 🙂

  12. then did to my parents rich flavor. a scientist. called names. the dead even know I confessed caught it leaf stretching

  13. LOVE the shape of these sofas.

  14. Many thanks for this. I needed this.

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