sarah bleibtreu’s gorgeous brooklyn home

I received an email from tsf reader Colleen telling me about the Brooklyn home of handbag designer Sarah Bleibtreu. Colleen was so kind to send me some photos to share this gorgeous house with you.

The interiors and some exterior spaces of this house are Bleibtreu’s own design.

It is worth checking out Sarah’s website as her bag line is as gorgeous as her house. I love the clutch featured below!

Thanks Colleen for sending me the images!

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  • i am honestly inspired by this place.. perfect colour (yes, im canadian) palette.. we just moved into a space with 25ft great whites… and we are sort of falling in love with them.. they are just the perfect setting to make your fun little pieces pop..
    what is the sofa’s story? i love it

  • Hi Guys!

    Sarah here of the house above..

    Colleen recommended that I drop a note responding to some of the comments, which by the way really warm my heart!

    About two years ago, I bought, gutted, and began rebuilding the house.

    Funny enough, for an old house, the only things original in the photos above are the floors..

    The old picture is of my grandmother, I salvaged it out of my mums garage, she had backed into it with the car and I begged to get it repaired… so now it has the premier spot in the house over my first new york furniture buy… the Knoll credenza…

    The sofa was the biggest splurge; a B&B Italia sofa, and facing it, there’s a Womb chair I had covered in leather

    I could blab on and on… if anyone is inspired by and curious about any more details in the photos feel free to email me!

    Thanks Danielle for posting the pictures, its an honor ,as your site is super duper over the top wonderful (no exaggeration)


  • Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the information! I am sure the style files readers are appreciating this. You have a gorgeous home! Although, as you mentioned, the only original things are the floors, it still has that great atmosphere of an old house.

    Warm wishes,

  • I am the father of Nick who tragically died August 2010. If you are not aware of this news please inform others of the Bleibtreu family who would be interested. I should like to hear from you. John