lasercut mirrors by domestic

You might know Domestic from their vinyl wall stickers but did you know that this French label also have a collection of mirrors called Narcisse? Mirror ‘I love me’ (top image) is designed by Ich&Kar. Ich&Kar is a tandem of graphic designers who cast an outlandish but qualified gaze on a range of subjects as varied as fashion, gastronomy, music, design and arcchitecture from luxury to consumer goods

Design Bibelots (left image) is from well-known 5.5 designers. Spline (right image) is designed by Matali Crasset. This French designer develops new typologies focussing on principles such as modularity, flexibility, generosity and hospitality. Her work, which came to the fore in the nineties as a refusal of pure form, questions our living surroundings to turn them into a space for mobility and experiment.

All mirrors have a adhesive film on the back that enables you to stick them to all smooth surfaces permanently. They can be ordered from the Domestic website, the price is around €60.

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  • I purchased a Spline mirror from for my wife for christmas. The mirror arrived deeply scratched and highly asymmetric (if you look at the image of Spline above, you can see it ruins the effect).

    I’ve contacted them about this but there has been no response.

    I wouldn’t advise buying anything from, despite how alluring the products may seem in jpg form.