familjen wallpaper by lisa bengtsson

Give a personal touch to your wallpaper. With wallpaper ‘Familjen’ (The Family) by Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson you can transform your wall into a photo album! ‘Familjen’ tells us the story about how we frame and shape our lives. People fill the frames with different belongings, the same way we fill our life with diverse things. The wallpaper consists of a collage with black & white “frames” that are precisely placed and add an unexpected visual experience to any room. “The Family” looks elegant on its own or you can make a personal statement by framing your favorite photo of your kids, parents or your beloved pet. Or why not frame your favorite necklace, handbag or some piece of architectural element? The question is: how do you frame your life? Just use your imagination!

There are a lot of things you can do with this wallpaper. I would have this wallpaper in my hall way and use the frames for my holiday photos. Now real frames filled with photos on my wall but this wallpaper will certainly give a special effect! The wallpaper is also great to be used in a bedroom or walk-in closet. When you put different knobs (like these ones from Anthropology or these from Zara home) in the frames, you can create space for your jewellery, scarves and bags. Practical and beautiful!

Familjen is available from Le Souk (one roll measures 0.53 x 10 meter and costs €109).

Lisa Bengtsson graduated from Berghs School of Communication in Sweden and has since created “The Family” wallpaper. Inspired by ancient times, a time that you cannot return to, but a time you still care for and want to remember. In Sweden Lisa was already known for her beautiful patterns (images above) and illustrations (images below). With her Familjen wallpaper being featured in various magazines and on international blogs, she also gets recognition outside Sweden.

Click here if you want to see more of Lisa’s gorgeous designs and here if you are interested in purchasing her Familjen wallpaper.

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