castles in the sand

Another beautiful Moroccan retreat is Castles in the Sand. The villas Dar Beida and Dar Emma, which are available for rent, are located in a dusty coastal town called Essaouira. It is in this little town that Orson Welles based his Othello, and Jimi Hendrix found the inspiration for ‘Castles In The Sand’. Built in the 18th century and constructed in traditional Moroccan style, the houses are located right in the centre of town. You can definitely see that the houses are restored with love. The beautifully decorated rooms are spacious yet tranquil, and provide a cool retreat from the outside world. Click here for more information and rates.

Castles in the Sand was recently featured in a magazine. I absolutely LOVE the kitchen which was featured in the magazine. I have scanned the photo above, that’s why the quality is not so good.

(photos by Gaellele Boulicaut)

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