teasets by christine misiak

Christine Misiak wrote me an email introducing her beautiful teasets. Christine was born in Poland but grew up in the UK. Her final major project at university was her tea sets, which she took down to London for the 2007 New Designers Exhibition, and whilst there she received the Peter Walker award for innovation in product design. From there Christine received a lot of interest in her tea sets. One of her green sets will be in the October/ November issue of Home & Garden Magazine. Her black set will be on display in the Opus Interiors shop gallery in Gosforth in Newcastle this month alongside Dutch Designer Maarten Baas’ smoked furniture range. Christine will also be exhibiting at 100% Futures this month in London.

The tea sets are all about re-using things that people throw away and disregard. For example with the green set, the silver parts were taken from an old battered tea set. The desired components were removed from the old set, cleaned, filed and sanded them then soldered them to the bodies that Christine made myself, therefore creating a mixture of new and old. This contrast between the new and old is extremely visible and creates a pleasing aesthetic. Visit Christine’s website to see more of her very beautiful work.

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