undercover: lamp shades for every mood

With the UnderCover lamp series, created by Philip Bro Ludvigsen for LE KLINT, you can change the pattern and color of your lamp whenever you want. The design is based on the idea of giving you total freedom and flexibility in using light as a visible and impressive part of your furnishings. In addition to the basic UnderCover lamp, you can buy extra inner shades which are available in many different patterns and colors. This way you can create lamps that are both individual and unique!

I especially love the Marimekko designs, available in different patterns and colors.

The UnderCover starterskit (€129) and lamp shades (€13 – 33) are available from online design store POAA.

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  • I love the idea of the UnderCover lampshade. I’ve never seen mention of how plausible it would be to make your own inner shades using wrapping paper or wallpaper but if you could I think it would keep me occupied for life.