textile designer aleksandra gaca

Recently I discovered the beautiful work of Aleksandra Gaca. This textile designer, who is based in The Netherlands, is fascinated by three-dimensional weave
structures. Her experiments with self-made weaves and unusual materials have generated innovative fabric structures. Aleksandra draws inspiration for abstract architectural concepts such as rhythm and grid, but also from dance and movement. Her experimental textile designs have earned her a number of international awards, such as Decosit Awards (Belgium), the Dutch Design Award and Neocan Awards (USA).

One of my favorite designs is the shawl from the Slumber collection. This collection
was developed by commission of the Nederlands Textielmuseum (Netherlands Textile Museum) in Tilburg and woven on its jacquard weaving machine. The designs are characterized by stretchy, three-dimensional relief structures – triangles, ovals and ripples – that deform through use, creating a feeling of rhythm and movement. As a spin-off, several consumer products have been launched: various sculptural hassocks and a series of royal shawls. The shawls are available in two varieties: an open/elongated shape and a surprising ‘endless’ shape that can be worn in several ways.

Visit Aleksandra’s website to see her entire line of work. You can find more information on retail points here or send an email to info@aleksandragaca.nl.

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