Piu Desk

I love this desk that I found on Better Living Trough Design. The Piu Desk is actually two tables in one, as it easily can be converted from a workspace to a dining or conference table with a few small adjustments. By adding or subtracting the modular storage containers, available in sets (one large and one small) of white or orange, the function of the table can change in an instant. This cool table is now for sale at Design Within Reach. The price is $999 (in stead of $1498). The Panton Chair Classic, in the image used as desk chair, combines very well with the Piu desk I think.

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  • just got one of these and was surprised by the cheap plastic leg glides and glass mounts. also the machining marks and assembly holes that are off center. its not bad for the sale price, but the quality is not good enough for the full retail price

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