White interiors

I love, love, LOVE white! I know that technically white isn’t a color but I love it anyway. Some may find white boring but I think it is such a versatile colour. You can easily add (and change) color to your home by using colorful accessories. The vibe of your home can be changed in an instant with splashes of (different) colors!

The coming days I will post more about white interiors and furniture. Here are some inspirational images to start with. The interior of this gorgeous house is designed by Philippe Starck.

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  • I love WHITE too! 🙂

    As a matter of fact, I painted the walls in my livingroom white {well, white with a hint of grey} a couple of weeks ago. And the wooden floor is white too. And my furniture as well.

    I’d love to see more inspirational images; thank you Danielle!

  • White is great, but not very functional, because it doesn’t stay white for long. Whether it’s dust or sheer use, it gets dirty – and noticeable too 🙂

    I kinda regret having picked white furniture for my 60s themed living-room.

  • Sia
    I’m desperately looking for white with a hint of grey- any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated- everything I’ve found looks more grey/blue than white- even mixing my own hasn’t resulted in the right white yet.

  • Hi, I love white too!!!
    It is serene, crisp, clean and makes you feel relaxed to come home too, add a few glade plug-ins that smell of clean linen and you are in heaven-literally….

  • I have always loved white. In all the homes we’ve lived in, the interior has always been white. Rooms have a cool, airy, calming, clean feel to them. White furnishing on white is the best. people would think white furnishing would be difficult to clean, on the contrary, it’s the easiest to clean. No problems with our pet Pug, sofa and seat covers can be machine washed. With the help of indoor plants and palms rooms feel relaxing. And may I suggest lamps with shades , of course in white, just great!

  • Loveeeee white I just did mine in all white shabby chic I use washable sofa covers and lace tablecloths over my covers so all I have to do when someone sits down is pull and re tuck table cloths on one end it’s beautiful.