Functional tiles

tiles with a function
Peter van der Jagt, Erik-Jan Kwakkel and Arnout Visser are the designers of Functional Tiles. All tiles in this series integrate a function. Fun and clever! Check out for instance these tiles below.

tiles with a function
The top photo shows Functional Tile Red Cross, a tile that serves as a medical box. At the left is Functional Tile Toilet Paper, that function speaks for itself. And at the right Functional Tile Television is featured.

Other functional tiles designed by the Droog designers are: Doorstop, Drawer, Magnet, Magnifying Mirror, and Temperature. All tiles are (still) prototypes but for more information you can visit the Droog Design website.

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  • This is a really unusual bathroom! I like the concept. Although at first, I must admit that I wasn’t sure whether the yellow object was a sink or a urinal 🙂

    I really like this idea. I could always use more storage in the bathroom!

  • I have posted these tiles as I like the concept: why not make tiles that have a function. But to be honest, I wouldn’t choose these tiles for my bathroom.

    Sub-studio, you are right about the waterproofing. That would be impossible I think.

  • The problem with a lot of droogs designs seems to be that they value concept much higher than functionality and practicality. Lots of lovely ideas, but very hard to fit into a regular house.