Vintage wallpaper

Vintage inspired patterns for wallpaper are hot. But why don’t go for the real thing? I have searched the globe to show you some samples of wonderful vintage wallpaper and to give you the best European and US online sources for finding these popular vintage patterns.

vintage wallpaper
5qm is a online store based in Germany but they ship world-wide. They have a large collection of vintage wallpaper from the 1950s to the 1980s.
First row, left to right: tapete 368, tapete 158, tapete 150
Second row, left to right: tapete 408, tapete 195, tapete 362

vintage wallpaper
Johnny Tapete, also in Germany, ships globally. Their huge collection vintage wallpaper is, very convienently, organised by style (70s flower style, 70s geomatric style etc).
First row, left to right: Odyssey 2007, Orgon, Ultra Bloom
Second row, left to right: Japon, Summertime, Op Art

vintage wallpaper
Vintage Wallpapers from Belgium sells wonderful vintage patterns. They have global shipping facilities available.
First row, from left to right: wallpaper nr. 132, wallpaper nr. 112, wallpaper nr. 116
Second row, from left to right: wallpaper nr. 26, wallpaper nr. 7, wallpaper nr. 141

More (online) shops that carry vintage wallpaper:
Lounge Design in The Netherlands
Design for Delight in The Netherlands
Second hand rose in the US
Hannah’s Treasures in the US
Tapetorama in Sweden

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