Birdman Furniture

The Birdman Furniture collection, designed by Frans van der Heyden, comprises a range of hand crafted oak furniture, from tables, seating, lighting to accessory components. The collection, which is produced in The Netherlands, has a consistent theme of balance and proportion. As a well-known Dutch film director and photographer, Van der Heyden has always been exposed to the design world. Some years ago he was unable to find a square dining table – so he designed and made one himself. With it’s crossed, solid-oak legs and square top, Van der Heyden’s Metro table has since been a design icon.

The designer is inspired by the simplicity of early 20th century Dutch furniture, combined with rigor of mid-century architecture, yet he imbues each of his designs with a singularly modern identity.

Van der Heyden: “I’m fascinated by the timelessness that certain design expose, and I love furniture that has had a life before, vintage pieces that function well in combination with contemporary design. My furniture is modern in both design and execution, and yet maintains a simple luxury and is able to communicate with the better pieces from any period”.

Birdman Furniture is available worldwide through sixty retailers and showrooms. You can find their distribution network on the Birdman website.

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