Customize your couch

When heart meets skills, something beautiful appears, says Frederik Van Heereveld. This designer and product developer is enthusiastic and passionate. His talent and love for design resulted in his own design initiative FEEK. It is steeped in modern design with functional, comfortable but most importantly contemporary furniture.
One of his latest design is the Q-Couch, a playful, modular seating solution with infinite range. Each segment is formed from expanded polypropylene (EPP), a lightweight plastic often used for car parts and packaging. These segments can be joined together to any desired length, shape and colour. Today a set of one-seaters, tomorrow a long couch to fit all your friends. It is a creative answer to the contemporary atmosphere of eclecticism and individuality.

The Q-couch element is available, in sets of 2 pieces, in 8 colours. Later in the year extra features, such as armrests and bends, will be added to the range. Click here for more information and to see Van Heereveld’s other designs.

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