Future trends in interior design

Are you wondering how our homes will look in the future? Trend guru Li Edelkoort is one of the world’s most important trend setters of this moment and her trend predictions are followed by design companies and major brands world wide. With the exposition ‘Museum House, a choice of Lidewij Edelkoort’ in the Art Pavilion in Nieuw Roden, The Netherlands, Li gives an impression of what she thinks will be future trends in interior design.
Work of young talent but also of renowned names in the international designer’s world is represented. For example work by Piet Hein Eek, Jurgen Bey and Hella Jongerius, are used by Li to express living in the future according to her interpretation. Maarten Baas’ Smoke chairs are also displayed.

According to Li the key in modern living is that people become curators of their own lives. In the future we will live among all kinds of collections. With these collections we can show our identity. This way we create our own ‘museum house’, Li explains.

Another prediction is that family space is a trend of the past. ‘The living room becomes obsolete’, Li says. In her opinion the house is divided in three categories: the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom. The rest of the rooms in the house get a specific, gender orientated function. In the future we will retreat in spaces customized fo ourselves. This inspiring exhibtion can be visited until 29 January 2007.

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  • I don’t agree with this sad vision for our homes – how lonely we can be without a room where to spend time together – not for eating only, but talking, entertaining, loughing, sharing.

    But I like your blog – great attitude, interesting ideas and your English is great, too 🙂

  • I totally agree with you. I want my home to be inviting, with a central room for eating, spending time with family and friends, talking etc. This is just a trend vision that I reported, it doesn’t have to be our future!

    Good to hear that you like my blog!

  • I think that Li is saying that the “formal living room” is a thing of the past and the kitchen then becomes the gathering place, as it usually is. The kitchen then opens to a “great room” which is the place where all congragate. We see large gathering tables in great rooms in many new home designs. She is most notably pointing out the need to come together but have some private retreat we can call our own. Li is intuitive and a brilliant avant garde thinker!

  • Yo, I’m so lookin’ foward to the futua trends of dis career. I’m already pimpin’ out ma room, and guess what, im doin it fo maself….and ma mama and ma sista, and ma brotha, from anotha motha. PAYCE!

  • hi
    can you please help me i am supposed to create a mood board on future and current trends. i need some ideas or rather some inspiration.
    please reply as soon as possible.

  • For me living room is more than a living room.It is a place where everybody sits and shares his/her opinion ,interact with each other ,watch telly together,have a cup of coffee together.We have already go lot of isolation in terms of computers,laptops and other technological gadgets .Young generation is no more in outdoor games already,they play games or interact on their gadgets.I am up for having a living room no matter it is in year 2010 or in 2050.