diy: ‘love’ headboard


This very original love headboard is easy to make! Just follow the instructions which you can find on House*Tweaking.

12 Responses to diy: ‘love’ headboard

  1. so easy, and yet so lovely!

  2. That is unbelieveably super fantastic!! love this sooo much!

  3. just love it.. it would be a great gift also.

  4. i love it! it would be a great gift for someone you care

  5. So simple, yet so sweet!

  6. what a great -printed- idea! love it! thnks, b

  7. Love it, and I’m absolutly in love with your blog.

  8. So rustic, simple, beautiful!

  9. Timely for V-Day! I love the color and the DIY glam factor. Great find 🙂

  10. Love it! The yellow looks great!

  11. love anything that is made from re-claimed wood. as well as anything recycled.
    so nice, great idea.

  12. LOVE the headboard, and any ideas where I could find that blanket at the end of the bed? I am so in love with it too.

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