leaf spoon

I love this beautiful leaf-shaped spoon! This design by Shuhei Senda from Japan is one of the 3 first-prize winners of Dining in 2015. This contest, organized by designboom and macef , challenged designers to design a food-related product that would be useful in 2015 at work, in travel, or at home. No less than 4843 creative individuals and institutions from 98 countries have participated. This is what Shuhei Senda says about the leaf spoon: ‘This spoon makes us softly feel that we live to be given the blessings of nature. It is designed with the wish that we think a great regards of dining more and more as human’s essential workings in the future’.

I will post about some other winners and entries of this fun competition in the next few days.

5 Responses to leaf spoon

  1. this is so beautiful!

  2. Beautiful and inventive. I find japanese design inspiring. Simple and close to nature. Like here in Finland.

  3. This is such a lovely design, both modern and organic at the same time, I love it!