A Tiny Summer House in Three Oaks Michigan (USA)

I love this tiny house, it is so clever and cozy! This is the summer home in Three Oaks Michigan (1.5 hours from Chicago) belonging to designer Jorie Burns and her family of 5 + dog. It measures 385 sq/ft (not including the double lofts) and although it is small there is plenty of space for each family member. Jorie about her lovely home: “Our kids are age 11, 8, & 5 and this tiny place makes a huge impact on family time. It really keeps us connected in an otherwise busy world. We do not have internet, and spend most of our time outdoors. Outside we have built a large wrap around screened deck where the kids love to sleep. Sometimes we allow them to bring up friends, but most of the time I cherish it being just us. ” Jorie choose all materials from the plywood ceiling to the tongue and groove wood used on the walls and sourced all furnishings and textiles. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home Jorie! You have done a fantastic job creating a light and airy space where you can have quality family time and creating happy memories!

Image credits: Petra Ford and Paperandpate.com

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