A Greek Summer Home on Tinos

This lovely summer house on the Greek island of Tinos is designed by Bobotis+Bobotis Architects, a private architectural practice based in Athens. The house was constructed with respect to the traditional local architecture of the island, keeping its basic elements intact while converting some of the old functions of the house into functional elements of modern use, such as the wine press that was converted into an elevated bed with storage space. The layout is following the standard Tinian house layout, with some adjustments to accommodate the desired housing needs (i.e. larger kitchen and bathrooms). From the garden there is also access to the roof, on which seating levels were created with panoramic view to the surrounding villages and Exomvourgo, site of the Venetian fortress of the island.

Source & credits: Bobotis+Bobotis Architects

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  • We dont want a Pallace for our summer vacations!This is very beautiful and lovely small hom.

  • These images make me want to quit my job and leave for Tinos immediately. So beautiful and peaceful. Me! Me! Me! 😉 Thanks for that two-minute vacation. 🙂