A Panoramic Villa In The Countryside Of Mallorca

Casa Palerm is a villa built as an extension of a rural hotel in the countryside of Lloret de Vistalegre, in the centre of Mallorca. The most striking part of the building is the window designed to replicate the dimensions of a retro cinema screen. The villa, close to the original farmhouse, functions as a small holiday home. The project follows a discreet architecture, being integrated within its surrounding environment and performing efficiently, both economically and energetically. Responsible for the design is studio OHLAB, an award-winning office devoted to urban analysis and cultural research of contemporary society through design, architectural practice and urban strategy. “Simple yet effective solutions, both in terms of design and energy efficiency, complete the house. The impact of the sun is mitigated by the wattle pergola, the Mallorquian shutters and the planting of deciduous trees provide shade in summer. Rainwater is stored in the water tank and then is reused for the irrigation of the low maintenance Mediterranean garden, the filling of the toilet tanks, and for the pool. Traditional construction details are used, as well as a palette of natural and local materials – such as rustic lime mortar plastering, reused ceramic roof tiles, hydraulic tiles, local mares stone, cane, sepi wood and artisan cement floors and sinks.”

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Create a Spanish Mediterranean style look:

1. cushion cover Formentera | 2. rattan pendant | 3. 1930’s inspired sofa | 4. magazine rack | 5. terracotta dinerware set |6. cushion cover Azul | 7. basket (available in 3 sizes) | 8. rattan coffee table | 9. clutch / make-up bag Formentera | 10. wicker wall sconce (also available as table lamp and floor lamp) | 11. indoor / outdoor rug | 12. cushion cover Cara | 13. rattan Riviera dining chair | 14. beach bag Formentera | 15. Positano linen pyjamas

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