For Sale: Our Beautiful Countryside Home near Amsterdam

Our home in the countryside near Amsterdam has come on the market! It’s with pain in our hearts as it is such a wonderful and special house and we have created beautiful memories here but we are ready for a new adventure. The images shared in this post are from a few years ago but you can see recent images and here on Funda and on the website of the real estate agency. And you can watch this video to see our entire home. The location of the property is ideal as we really have the best of both worlds. The village is a lovely small country side village but Amsterdam is only 15 minutes away. The house is a former farmhouse and was built in 1925. We have lovingly renovated it into a light and cosy home with all (high quality) modern comforts. Over the years I have poured my heart into the large garden turning it into a lush oasis with fruit trees, plants and lots of flowers. A few years ago we built a veranda at the back of house (see last image) and this has been one of the best decisions we have made. It allows us to sit outside enjoying the outdoors and the beautiful view all year long. Even during the colder months as we have installed some heaters on the ceiling. There is also the option to dock a boat in the water behind the house so you can discover the area (which is called Waterland because there is lots of water) by boat. And in winter time (when weather allows it) you can ice skate, stepping on the ice from the garden. There is an excellent primary school just 200 meters from our home. We have mixed emotions about selling this house but overall we are just very happy and grateful that we were able to let our son grow up here in this beautiful, safe environment. You can find more information on Funda and on the website of the real estate agency (their phone number is 0299 65 40 00).

Image credits: all image except last one by Paulina Arcklin.

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  • Such a beautiful home, what an amazing renovation. Clean and simple but with cozy and homely touches. What a gezellige home. Where does your next adventure take you?

  • Incredible….

    Your house is great.
    I want to live there,
    but I live in Japan….

    Please show me your new nice house! I am looking forward to it.

  • Wow zo mooi mijn mama en ik zijn aan het zoeken voor een huisje voor ons twee met onze 2 diertjes ik heb nog nooit zo’n mooi huis gezien??

  • I allways loved your home!!! I really love the style of it, cozy, simple, functional, with lot of light and beautiful decoration. And top of it, I just realize there is a stream crossing at the backyard ….. my dream. I know there will be plenty of offers waiting to buy it. I’m looking forward to see your next home!

  • Hey Danielle, The sadness of selling your truly beautiful home will hopefully be matched by the thrill of putting your style and thoughtfulness into a new house. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Good luck with the sale!

  • I would love to know what store the rattan pendants over the wooden table came from? Love them.

  • Hi Nadine, the rattan pendants are from IKEA but we bought them 10 years ago and unfortunately IKEA no longer carry them in their collection. Best, Danielle