For Sale: Large Aboriginal Painting by Barney Ellaga

I am selling this beautiful large painting by Aboriginal artist Barney Ellaga. The colourful art work is a true eye-catcher! About the artist: Barney Ellaga was born around 1939 in East Arnehm Land in Australia. He passed away in 2015. Barney was a senior lawman of the Alawa communicity. His painting style is an abstract style where each line represents a different aspect of his country. His work, which is highly collectible, is saturated in colour and he employed a special brush technique that is uniquely his own. I have listed this painting on Ebay and offer free world wide shipping. If you google Barney Ellaga you can see that (gallery) prices for his work a much higher so this is a great opportunity if you want to buy a highly collectible artwork that will hold its value. The painting will come with a Certificate of Authenticity (from the gallery I bought the painting from) and photos of artist working on the painting. On the Ebay listing you read more information and see more images.

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