Bedroom Makeover: Create a New Look with Bemz

I recently changed the look of our bedroom. My aim was to get a warmer atmosphere by introducing shades of beige and brown. I also wanted to create a cosy corner with a comfy chair where I could read or work with my laptop (in case there is too much noise of playing kids downstairs ). Key words for the makeover were stylish, easy and affordable and I found the perfect partner in Bemz. This Swedish company makes custom-fit covers for the most popular models of IKEA sofas, beds and chairs – even the discontinued ones. So with a Bemz cover you can easily and inexpensively transform an existing furniture piece and, with over 150 different high-end fabrics to choose from, give it a personal touch. They also have a range of furniture legs which fit all furniture pieces that have removable legs with an M8 screw. Another way to customize your furniture and make it more your own! For our IKEA Söderhamn chair I went for Rosendal Pure Washed Linen Unbleached fabric. This luxe 100% linen weave is pre-washed to achieve its signature relaxed, yet elegant aesthetic. The fabric is made in Belgium and is a undyed 100% natural fabric. Perfect for those of us who love the look of a uniquely natural colour and weave!

Another reason why I like Bemz is that sustainability is important to them. They use 100% natural materials in a variety of fabric qualities, created with care in a European factory where they personally know the seamstresses and their working conditions. All of their products are durable, machine washable and made to fit beautifully. I am all for the idea of extending the life of a product in a customised way. There’s no reason to throw away a perfectly good piece of (IKEA) furniture if the original fabric is damaged or no longer suits your taste!

Creating a mood board always helps me with designing a new look. Bemz free fabric samples has also been a big help in choosing the right color and fabric.

I absolutely love my new chair: the quality of the fabric is beautiful and the fit is perfect. My ‘simple’ IKEA chair now looks very stylish! To show how easy it is to change and update the look of an existing furniture piece Bemz offered me to try out a cover in another color. Linara Peach Skin Spice is a luxe linen and cotton blend with an ultra soft, brushed peach-skin finish, made by world renowned textile design house Romo. The beautiful spice color creates warmth and combines beautifully with white, black and pastel shades. I like how the wooden Kastell legs immediately give a Scandinavian touch to the chair.

Both covers fit really well with the new look of our bedroom. As it is very easy to change the covers (it takes under 5 minutes) I will be alternating them according to mood or season.

Credits: images by Danielle de Lange / The Style Files.

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  • Its a beautiful makeover 😀
    I love the idea of new covers for IKEA furniture, both colour and shapes. We recently bought a new colour cover for our IKEA couch, and it made a huge difference in the livingroom’s feel.
    Also, the ceiling lamp is to die for!