An Off Grid Cabin in Rural Ohio (USA)

Greg Dutton (architect & principal at award-winning architecture and interior design studio Midland Architecture) constructed this off-grid cabin together with his brother Chris along with a group of family and friends. The 600 square foot retreat, located on his family’s property in rural Ohio, is sustainable and in sync with the surrounding environment. The design was inspired by Scandinavian design and the ‘hygge’ mindset. The structure is sided with cedar shingles and sits amongst trees, atop a high bank overlooking a lake. Designed for peace of mind; the outside setting is brought in through a wide expanse of floor to ceiling windows. Touching the earth lightly with a minimalistic foundation of concrete piers the sustainably built space runs off solar power and collected rainwater. Heavily influenced by aspects of farming, the cabin was constructed using building techniques born out of tradition and logic, with simple materials used economically. The overall concept and design for the retreat demonstrate an emphasis on craft, in a style that we like to call “country minimalism”. Walking up to the front door, which is partially secluded, gives an impression of entering a tree house, as the landscape frames the structure. The cedar shingle clad exterior melds the dwelling into the surrounding forest. The interior is simplistic, featuring bleached Eastern Pine floors and walls clad in white painted lap paneling. The pared-back aesthetic allows the outside landscape to be ever more present on the interior.

Source & credits: images by Midland | via Dezeen.

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