An Iceland Cottage in Blue Hues

Have you ever been to Iceland? We will be making a 3-day stopover in Iceland on our way to Canada this summer. I am really looking forward to this trip, although it will not be for another couple of months before we leave. But today we make a virtual trip to Iceland together to admire this lovely cottage that has been decorated in a palette of blue grey tones and natural materials such as wood. Interior designer Rut Káradóttir and her husband Kristinn Arnarson were inspired by Iceland’s old wooden churches and small black cottages along the fjords, and felt sad that these types of buildings had gone out of style. Most new houses that are being built nowadays are made of modern glass and steel constructions but the couple decided to build their new cottage in a more historic style.

Credits & source: you can read the entire article on Skonahem.

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