First of all I would like to thank you for all your sweet comments that I received on my previous post. I am really thankful for all you wonderful readers that have been following this blog for such a long time. This knowledge gives me new energy to continue finding beautiful content and improving The Style Files! Today’s post features the beautiful French home of stylist & photographer Oliva Thebaut. It is the kind of house I love: it is airy, there is lot of light and natural materials and a neutral colors scheme have been used to decorate the various spaces. The house is not filled with stuff yet it is cosy and warm. I think that it is important to surround yourself with beautiful items. These items does not have to be expensive, for me it is more about that they are well made and that they do not scream ‘junk’. I prefer to have less (but well made) then to have a lot of (cheap looking) stuff. And this house is an example of this philosophy. That lovely print by the way in the 7th image can be purchased on Etsy . I recognised it as it has been on my Etsy wishlist for a while. You can see more from Oliva on her instagram account and on her website.

Credits & source: images by Oliva Thebaut | found via SFgirlbybay.

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  • Hi Danielle, it was so good to see your post again today. I hope you will continue like this and do not abandon it like you mentioned in your last post. I am commenting for first time but I am following your blog since 2011 and got so many inspirations from this blog which I used when I build my farmstay back in my home village (and so many ideas are still saved for future).

  • This house is lovely<3 Really like the colourscheme and all the cute small details everywhere 🙂

    Its great to see you still posting! I have a folder with pictures for inspiration, for when I can finally buy my own house, and most of them are from this blog 🙂

  • Yep, keep on keeping on. I have found this blog a great source of ideas in our refurb of what is now a very cute, little home in Portugal. GG

  • love love the bed linen soft tones and especially the dining table with the odd assortment of benches and chair styles. Where is the table from??