Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2019 will be filled with love, peace and happiness. I took a break as you might have noticed. In the first place to spend the holidays with my family. But I also needed some time off from blogging. The blogging world has changed a lot since I began in 2007. Blogs has become more professional which is not a bad thing but I do miss the blogging community which was once there. Last year I often questioned myself why am I still spending so much time on this blog. The community sense is no longer there, the interaction with my readers which I loved is also almost gone (90% of the comments I get is spam), I hardly make any money from my blog (the money generated from advertising does not cover the hosting costs and the time I put in). So the big question is: to blog or not to blog? I have to find back the joy and in order to do so I might need to make some changes. Perhaps I have to be more active on social media as there is more interaction or maybe I need to change the content. I will be thinking on how to bring back the joy of blogging in the coming months and will keep you updated on the process! Today a beautiful, light filled canal house in Amsterdam renovated by Amsterdam based architect firm BNLA.

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  • Dear Danielle:
    I have been following you blog via Facebook for a few years now and love your interior design and architectural home choices from around the word – really inspiring! So, please, please don’t throw in the towel and abandon your blog. Do weekly or 2 weekly posts or become a monthly but don’t give up. I work from home and I love taking a break reading your bog that lifts my spirits and allows my to dream-plan my perfect home. Thank you. Wishing you and family a very happy 2019.

  • I have fallen in love with your blog and all of the unique homes you share. I understand re-evaluating things, but know that many of your readers will miss your posts. Good luck with your plans.

  • Oh, please still blog! Yours is the one I look forward to most! I will definitely comment more!

  • I too have loved your blog. I think you have excellent taste and always highlight unique and beautiful places. I would hate to see you leave!

  • Dear Danielle,
    even so, I habe been following your blog for several years, I never thought auf writing to you, because my english is not that good. But now I have to.
    I love your blog, it is the only blog I am following regulary. It inspires me, and like Alison, I love taking a break reading your blog. It simply makes me feel good to see the beautiful interior design.
    I also wish you a wunderfull, healthy und happy new year.

  • Sometimes adjustments need to be made. Yours is one of a handful of blogs I look at every day, I will miss your posts.

  • Just like others, I have been reading your blog for years. It’s one of only a handful I still come to regularly. You have great taste and style. But if it’s costing you money and time, and the joy of it has gone, then who can blame you for stopping? This is all to say, sure, I’d be bummed to see Style Files gone, but I completely understand.

  • Jag tillhör också skaran av läsare som besöker dig dagligen, men nästan aldrig kommenterar. Jag ska försöka bli bättre på det! Jag finner stor inspiration i dina inlägg från när och fjärran, och anser att din blogg är unik i det avseendet. Det är så uppfriskande att se de olika inredningsstilarna du förmedlar i dina inlägg. Jag kommer att sakna din blogg om du väljer att lägga ner den!

  • Are you able to put more of the blog posts before the Feedly cut? I use Feedly to read most blogs and while your content is gorgeous, it would be nice to be able to see more than 1 picture before I click through.

  • I have read your blog for a long time. Your choice of interior is wonderful, especially like the picture of your house. Someday I also wanted to live in a comfortable house. Last year, I held my home. Based on this blog, I thought of the interior.

    Certainly, this is only one of the blogs I am reading now. I often see SNS like Instagram. Whatever the way, I hope you enjoy writing articles.
    Even if you change to another way, I will continue to see your posts!
    And please keep the huge and beautiful record of this blog in the future and show it to us.

  • I’m with everyone who thinks your blog is unique and an inspiration! It’s one of two I read consistently and will miss it if it’s gone. I don’t blame you though—I don’t know how people have the time to blog and share, but I am truly grateful for it. All good things come to an end…

  • Hi Danielle,
    I have been enjoying your blog for years, as have many others it seems. I sincerely hope you don’t give up. The Style Files is a real pleasure. Thank you for all you have already given and I hope this is not goodbye.
    Lynne (Australia)

  • Dear Danielle, your readers are still here. 🙂 I don’t comment a lot, because my English is bad, but I read all your posts. Hope you will continue with your blog.
    Greetings from Slovenia.

  • Dear Danielle, let me join everyone else in saying how much I enjoy your blog. It is beautiful and inspirational. I’ve even forced my husband to look at some of your travel posts and homes in Majorca, etc. He loved them, too! I think the technology has shifted- to instagram, or wherever- and it will continue to shift. But this old-school reader will stay with you as long as you are able. You are a treasure!

  • I love your blog! Its the only interior design blog that I still follow, and I always look forward to your posts 🙂
    For some reason it just never occurrred to me to comment, but I will definitely try to do it more often.
    I totally support only doing things that brings us joy, but I hope that you will find joy in blogging again <3

  • Dear Danielle,
    please don‘t give up. Your blog is the best interior blog I know.
    Pictures say more than words. This is why I never comment after looking at your beautiful pictures.
    But you often make my day.
    Greetings from Germany

  • Danielle,
    We love the bricks on the latest post. They look very authentic, and that they have been through a lot together. They could probably tell many stories.
    I have followed your blog, please feel free to check out mine and give us a follow if you’d like.

  • Hi Danielle,
    I love your blog! I have read your blog for many years. I never comment because I don´t speak English.
    But I love your work. I hope you find your way to continue showing us your work because it is wonderful. Here or in another way.

    Hola Danielle,
    Me encanta tu blog! Te sigo desde hace años. Nunca comento porque no sé inglés. Pero amo tu trabajo.
    Espero que encuentres tu camino para seguir mostrándonos tu trabajo porque es maravilloso. Desde este blog o de otra manera.
    Natalia (Argentina)

  • Dear Danielle,
    I can fully understand your doubts. Nowadays success on the www is a lot about packaging and little about real content. If you want to get money out of it, you’ll have to sell your privacy and your soul to sponsors. What a strange world. Maybe your readers are like me, enjoying your sites, but not getting involved directly. (I also don’t do a lot of comments & likes) – but if you would ask me for a donation, I would pay my share. So if you don’t want to jump on this crazy social media influencer train, maybe you can think about a kind of fundraising once a year, that those, who can can afford it, can support you and those who can‘t or don’t want to can also keep on reading your content. I think it is important to keep independent blogs running and not being influenced by sponsored posts only. And I also do really like your blog. xoxo Ingrid

  • O neeeeeeee! Please niet stoppen! Jouw blog is mijn escape als ik het druk heb. Ik volg je als sinds 2007, toen ik mijn scriptie schreef en ik het gebruikte om weer even op te laden en weer verder te gaan met schrijven. Ik droomde dan van het hebben van een eigen huis ooit en hoe ik het dan zou inrichten. twee jaar geleden kocht ik mijn eerste huis en je begrijpt dat ik de archieven in ben gedoken. Ik kan me zo heerlijk verliezen op deze blog en het heeft me enorm geïnspireerd bij de inrichting van mijn eigen huis. Dank!!!

  • I’m sorry blogging no longer holds the same pleasure for you. I have been following your blog for YEARS and log on about once a week to look through all the beautiful homes – looking through my interior blogs has been such a salve when working in remote rural places (I am a South African doctor) and in the last two years when studying for my final specialisation exams (especially the houses to travel to!). I have never commented because I guess I never do on any blogs so I guess it must be hard to see how you connect to the wider world – but you do! Maybe getting people to sign in to view and then being able to access their social media accounts may help – then you would be able to see how many people are viewing the blog and who they are. I hope you continue – Happy New Year x

  • Your blog is my favourite and as other people have commented I would make a contribution to keep reading it. I have been reading it for years and I also follow you on Pinterest. Your have wonderfully good taste and I hope you are able to find a platform that works for you. Thank you so much for all your time.

  • Hello Danielle, I too have followed your blog for years and it always gives me a ‘lift’!
    I have occasionally sent you pics and you have been kind enough to include them. You are always a source of inspiration – do keep on with it – many people would miss you and your unique perspective.
    Good luck – and thanks for many years of lovely posts
    Carey (UK)

  • Dear Danielle,

    You have a true talent for spotting beautiful houses, and have been such a source of inspiration. Please know that your readers have appreciated you and would certainly miss your wonderful blog if you stopped.

    All the best,