Australian design studio Pipkorn & Kilpatrick was asked to inject more life into the reading room of this beautiful Edwardian home. Washed walls were replaced with a deep rich palette to establish a sense of mood and to create a contrast that would draw attention to the beautiful cornices, architraves and light rose. Bespoke bookshelves surround the painted fireplace and a bespoke patchwork mirror lends elegance and allows you to enjoy the Douglas & Bec Chandelier from different aspects in the room. The selection of furniture including Jardan’s Cleo sofa, the iconic Falcon Chair and Moroso’s Big Mama Armchair together with Loom’s beautifully soft Berber rug give the room warmth and understated beauty.

Credits & source: images by Martina Gemmola for Pipkorn & Kilpatrick | found via Apartment34

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  • What kind of reading room doesn’t show the spine and title of each book? A ridiculous way to showcase a room for reading!! For looks only and not for the pursuit of knowledge.