I often get questions about the art that I have in my home. All the paintings are aboriginal art that I have collected over the years. I have spent some time in Australia (and travelled through the entire country) and here is where my love for aboriginal art started. I love the use of colors and symbols and that (a large proportion of) contemporary Aboriginal art is based on important ancient stories and symbols centred on ‘the Dreamtime’ – the period in which Indigenous people believe the world was created. The Dreamtime stories are up to and possibly even exceeding 50,000 years old, and have been handed down through the generations for all those years.

If you are interested in acquiring a piece of aboriginal art, I am selling part of my collection as I do not have enough space for the pieces I have. The paintings shown here are for sale. You can see all available paintings + information here on my Pinterest board. Some paintings are already stretched on a frame, as these are too large to ship the paintings must be removed from the frame or if you live in The Netherlands you can pick up the (framed) painting from my home address. For more information you can send me a message. By the way, we also have the Mid Century modern record player designed by Dieter Rams (shown in the images) for sale.

You can see more aboriginal art (not mine though) in interiors here in this post.

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