This stunning modern home is designed by Melbourne-based architectural firm Coy Yiontis. The architects about the design: The new extension is concealed from street view, heightening its privacy and the inherent ‘surprise’ upon entering a contemporary residence through a pretty Federation façade. Upon entry the house becomes completely transparent: the eye drawn through via the pool to its furthest rooms giving the impression of one large continuous yet divided space rather than a series of chambers. Inside and outside merge through the use of sliding glazed panels and continuity of building materials. The two main courtyards are oriented to maximize morning sunlight into the home and permit cross ventilation. Glazed walls open out completely to allow extension of both living areas across courtyards to create one large indoor/outdoor space if desired. The kitchen is a central hub overlooking all: partially tucked behind timber panelling which also conceals a powder room and a screened green courtyard. Stunning travertine features throughout on all new floors internally and externally and encases the island bench and lining the wall of the master bathroom. The timber screen detail flows though and is repeated on the ceiling of the living dining area, connecting these spaces visually. Spaces are serene and introspective: a quiet retreat from busy urban life for a couple and their son.

Credits: images by Peter Clarke.

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