Swedish couple Åsa and Peter had been eying on this home, which was only 300 meters away from their old house, for a while. And when their dream house became for sale, they jumped at the chance and bought it. The home overlooking the sea dates from 1852 and needed a lot of work. But this did not scare the couple and they turned it into a beautiful family home. The decor is a lovely mix of old and new. I like that the interior feels modern yet cozy. Very Scandinavian! You can find some suggestions for how to create a similar look & feel below.

1. crosshatch chair | 2. cowhide rug | 3. wishbone chair | 4. brass side table | 5. round mirror | 6. Lampe Gras Model 214 Wall Lamp | 7. arm chair | 8. Icelandic sheepskin throw | 9. Muuto pendant light | 10. adjustable table by Eileen Gray | 11. Skultuna Karui tray | 12. Nakashima Straight-Backed Chair.

Credits & source interior images: images by Jesper Ray for Boligmagasinet.

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