My go-to shop for basic items is Everlane. Their style is a cross between Scandinavian simplicity and French chic, resulting in basic elegant and casual fashion. I am thrilled that Everlane. now has a denim line with jeans made of premium Japanese denim with just a touch of stretch. I have just ordered their high rise jean. This type of jeans has been on my wish list for some time but I am not sure if it is flattering on me but for $68 I can not go wrong I guess. And this is what Everlane says (and I believe them as I have not had a miss with their items) about their high rise: “This pair is designed with a holds-you-in high rise for a sleek fit. Quite possibly the most flattering jean—ever.” I can not wait for my order to arrive!

The quality of their clothing is good as they work with the best factories around the word, yet their designs are affordable (as they do not work with resellers). They only work with ethical factories and they offer transparent prices. Everlane: “We believes our customers have a right to know how much their clothes cost to make. We reveal the true costs behind all of our products—from materials to labor to transportation—then offer them to you, minus the traditional retail markup.”

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