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  • I work with loft conversions a lot. This home is fantastic, It’s not just a loft conversion but a barn! Love it!

  • Very beautiful exemple of barn because very simple and too a very good example of mixt of masonry, steel and wood. Very nice!

  • Beste mensen, kunnen jullie mij een prijsindicatie geven van de bouw van de schuur in casco en turn key opgeleverd incl. btw?

  • Wat een prachtige ‘schuur’ met mooie open ruimten. Ik ben benieuwd naar de slaapkamers. Ik sluit me bij Ellen aan en ben erg benieuwd naar de prijsindicatie.

  • A very good mixt and used between the steel and wood. Dammage maybe for the tile roof?…
    Just for myself!

  • Very , very nice!
    Lovely barn , i love it .very nice open concept. If possible , may i have a details floor plan.?
    Lp Marko Slovenia

  • Beautiful ….very nice open design with class style and still it is simple. As the say in Italy, ( Meno e Piu. Less is more Can you send me details …..? Architeck and constructor?

  • Stunning! I love this long, narrow open concept. I have a perfect location for such a barn/home on a hill overlooking Lake Ontario, 160 km east of Toronto. My imagination soars!

  • Looks beautifully presented and constructed please furnish me with size and cost use case testimonials on this specific building type to the email address thank you in advance.

  • How does not having insulation in the ceiling affect the efficiency? I would imagine significantly.