We are taking a family trip to Lapland in Finland later this month. This destination has been on my wish list for a long time and now our son is six I think he is old enough to be enjoying a trip like this. We will be doing lots of activities such as husky and reindeer sledge tour. And we are hoping to get to see the Northern lights. It can be extremely cold in Finland (last week it was -40 °C (-40 F) so we need to get appropriate winter gear. In cold conditions you should wear layers to beat the cold: thermal clothing as a base layer (preferably made of merino wool), then a fleece jacket and then a water and winter proof jacket & ski pants. As I was browsing the web for good snow & winter gear I decided to create a post about this topic.


1. Fire + Ice Sierra ski jacket | 2. Hestra Alpine mittens | 3. ski pants | 4. Bogner Fire + Ice ski pants | 5. Bogner ski jacket | 6. Smith goggles | 7. Sorel Carnival winter boots | 8. Bogner Fire + Ice ski pants | 9. Dakine beanie.



1. waterproof down filled ski jacket | 2. Barts beanie | 3. merino wool legging (to be used as under layer) | 4. merino wool sweater with stars | 5. merino wool top | 6. quilted down ski jacket | 7. Sorel Carnival winter boots | 8. black ski jacket | 9. Falke ergonomic ski socks | 10.

href=”” target=”_blank”>Smith goggles.



1. Bogner Fire + Ice ski jacket | 2. merino wool beanie | 3. merino wool sweater | 4. Bogner Fire + Ice ski pants | 5. Smith goggles | 6. Bogner Fire + Ice ski jacket | 7. Sorel boots by Madewell | 8. merino wool beanie | 9. jersey ski top.

Image credits: 1. Linn Haug, 2. Spy Optic.

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