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  • Love your site, but “Unknown” is not a source. If you can’t properly credit the team that worked hard to create the image, I’d prefer not to see it.

  • Hi Hillary. I understand you feeling as you do, however it is the holiday season of a very unfortunate and sad time in the United States, if not the rest of the world. Perhaps you can let some things go. Happy holiday to all. 🙂

  • Shelley, it’s clear you’ve never worked in this field. Producing a photo shoot of any caliber takes days of work: hauling products, sourcing goods, styling, setting up light equipment, and then hours of tweaking and arranging to get things just so. When bloggers then see an image floating on the internet, grab it, and post it with a copout “Unknown” as the credit, it’s a disservice to the hard work it took to produce it. In many cases, all it takes is some Googling to find the photo’s origin. Unfortunately, in recent years, bloggers looking for clicks have abandoned the long held standard that it is unacceptable to publish someone’s work with proper attribution and permission.

    And yes, it’s a sad time in the US, but I have absolutely no idea why that means we should drop our standards. Should we let all “minor” bad behaviors pass? That’s a silly and dangerous argument.