Now the days are getting darker and colder we will be spending more time indoors. During the cooler months there is nothing more welcoming than a cosy space to come home to. That’s why every year I start my ‘get-ready-for-winter ritual’ as soon as the leaves begin to fall. I’d like to add some soft fabric pillows to our couch. A blanket or two thrown over the back of a sofa or chair will instantly add some cosiness. And with a sheepskin rug draped in a large armchair a snug cocoon is created in seconds.

These are all small things to help creating a warm ambiance, but the biggest result can be achieved by adding warm and soft light to the various spaces in your home. Lighting always plays an important aspect in any interior space. But especially in wintertime, when there is limited daylight, we should pay extra attention to the quality of lighting in our homes. Harsh light can make a room look cold and unwelcoming. By using multiple sources of light (in stead of having one single, harsh light source in the middle of a room) you can spread the light and create a warm ambiance. Light fixtures with a lamp shade can really transform a space and make it cosy, warm and inviting. I like the ones featured here from Directlampen as they are very versatile. You can use these lights as a bedside lamp (so you don’t have to leave your warm bed to turn off the light) but they are also perfect to light up a darker corner in your living room.

Online store Directlampen is a great source for finding the right light for your home. They have a large collection of light fixtures with lamp shades. You can find one here in any type, colors, shape and size. And with more than twenty years of (retail) experience Directlampen offers a high level of exptertice and customer service. They have a free service number that you can call when you need need any advice when buying a light source.


Wall lamp Liv (top image) is made made of warm birch wood and black metal. This light is available in various styles. The table light in the second image has white shade and a wooden tripod which gives a Scandinavian feel to the design.

Prepare for winter and get cosy now!

This post was created in collaboration with Directlampen.

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  • Lamps are a great tool for the winter, particularly in those cold and snowy areas! We love the idea of using wooden fixtures to add warmth to the room, considering timber generally has a “homey” feel, regardless of the shade of the wood.