Over the years televisions have become bigger, better and thinner. But the shiny black screens remained a dilemma for a lot of us (interior) design lovers. Why not design a television that is aesthetically attractive and that blends with your furniture? With this idea in mind Samsung Electronics asked renowned French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to design a television that complements the aesthetics of a modern home environment.

The SERIF TV is a product of two passions: technology (Samsung) and design (Bouroullec). Drawing inspiration from the simple elegance of typography, the Samsung SERIF TV forms a serif font capital “I” shape in profile (hence the name). This form enables the television to be positioned anywhere in the home. It can be placed on furniture, on a shelf or, with the attachable legs, left freestanding. The SERIF TV looks great in any type of room, as you can see from the images above and below. Whether in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or office, the timeless design makes the television blending harmoniously with its surroundings.

“From the outset of designing SERIF TV our aim was to craft an object that fused technology with our knowledge in furniture design and to create a solid presence that would sit naturally in any environment,” says Erwan Bouroullec. And Ronan and Erwan didn’t just redesign the outside of the TV; they even redesigned the user interface, coming up with an abstract but enticing setting called “Curtain mode.” Curtain mode takes whatever is being shown on the screen and blurs it, transforming it into shimmering abstract shapes like a digital curtain.

Looking closely at the design it is obvious that the SERIF TV was carefully crafted with the needs of real homes in mind. A woven removable cover hides the TV’s ports while a discreet pocket keeps the cables tidy. This makes the television look great from every angle, even from the back!

With Samsung’s SERIF TV the television is no longer a giant ugly black screen dominating a room. It is a design object that is made to fit in the world in which we live.






The SERIF TV is available in three sizes (40-inches, 32-inches and 24-inches) and in three colors (ivory white, dark blue and red).

This post has been created in collaboration with Samsung.

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  • I love the Bouroullec brothers (as designers) but this particular design, eeehhhmm not so much really.
    It has too much AND too little body at the same time. As they say: “You cannot be all things to all men.”
    Have a nice day!