Etsy seller not PERFECT LINEN offers homemade simple linen things for you and your home. With creating beautiful handmade items, this small family business in Lithuania is a protest against mass produced goods. They do not make things just to make money and their items are not just for profit. They make goods that involve years of learned skills, passion, commitment and sincerity. The owners: “More than simple forms, simple colors, simple seams, natural fabrics and healthy thinking – these all honestly simple things were created for those who appreciate natural things and adore simple forms and homemade look. No smell of the factory, no factory seams, no perfect ironing -only a homemade idea. Linen (flax) is healthy and non – waste product of nature. For us it is very important that it does not have any detrimental effects on our earth and ecology. Why we work with linen? The beauty of linen is that it is not perfect. If you keep trying to iron it, you will definitely miss the beauty of it. Linen needs to be used and it gets better with age. Linen pieces can be compared to old English leather shoes or old mechanical Swiss watches – all of these things are not new or perfect but are definitely more valuable than any new.” Sounds just perfect, right?!

Above: linen pillowcases


large linen tote/beach bags


linen dress withe elastic waistband


set of 3 linen towels


oversized/one size square neck loose fitting linen summer dress


set of 6 linen towels (top image) & set of 3 linen towel


oversized loose fitting linen summer dress with drop shoulder

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